Bali Camp 3 Days 2 Nights Penglipuran Village Package

Camp Bali is a popular activity that is always attracted so many tourists and visitors to try this activity. As an island that is blessed with so beautiful nature, Bali has various kinds of camping ground or camping area with the stunning view. One of those camping areas is in the Penglipuran Village. This Bali camp offers the complete camping package that combines the authentic taste of Bali with the unique nuance as well.

We can call it unique because you will stay in a homestay. This homestay is actually the local people’s house. It will make you are able to feel how to be a local people of Bali and get the authentic vacation stay during your stay in this island of paradise. The Bali camp in Penglipuran Village is usually done in 3 days 2 Nights which is it is a perfect time so that you can get the complete camping experience. In addition, this camping agenda will be also filled with various interesting activities.

Well, the camp Bali in Penglipuran Village can be the perfect option for any types of vacation whether it is the family vacation, gathering, outbound, even if for a honeymoon moment. The friendliness and excellent service will make you enjoy this camping moment so much.

The Second Day Activities: Rafting and Learning the Traditional Dance

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On the first day of this Camp Bali, usually you will be welcomed by the welcome drink and then you can put your stuff in the homestay first. After that, you can walk around the village and you will be amazed by the architecture there. The gate in every house is looked similar. The kitchen and other buildings that are located in the yard of each house are also looked similar. This uniqueness makes the Penglipuran Village is also called the Penglipuran Traditional House.

On the second day, you will be accompanied to do a fun and adventurous rafting activity in Telaga Waja River in Karangasem Bali. There, you can explore the whole river by using the riverboat to pass some obstacles while enjoying the beautiful natural surrounds. In the evening, you will be invited to learn the traditional dance of Bali and learn how to play the traditional musical instrument of Bali as well.

It can be such an interesting chance and experience to dance and play the traditional music of Bali since the Bali is known as an island that always keeps its ancestral heritage really well, including this traditional dance performance. You will be taught by the professional and skillful dancers.

Perform the Dance and Traditional Music Performance

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Practice makes perfect. That saying is 100% true. That is why; after you were practicing for some hours in the evening, it is the right time to perform what you have learned at the time. It is one of the most interesting activities that will be done on this Camp Bali.

You will perform the traditional dance and the learning to play the Balinese traditional music that you have learned together with some other participants. You don’t need to be shy or afraid because this activity is more for fun and as an effort to know more about the Balinese culture and tradition. You just need to enjoy the time and show what you have practiced. It is also a perfect time to take some pictures to make it a memorable activity that you have ever done in Bali.

Usually, the traditional dance that is chosen will only have a simple movement which is it will not complicate you. In addition, some traditional musical instruments that you will learn are also a simple one such as gamelan and many more again. Of course, this moment will make you get a rare opportunity to learn and perform the traditional Balinese art.

The Charm of the Beautiful and Peaceful Penglipuran Village

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Penglipuran Village is a really unique and stunning village that makes it a perfect location to have the Bali Camp. You have to know that this village is stealing the attention of the tourists and visitors who come from a lot of countries in this world. Why? It is because the Penglipuran Village is also known as the Traditional Balinese Village that represents the complete exotics of the Balinese culture such as the buildings, architecture, artworks up to the traditional culinary of Bali. We can say that it is a village that contains the culture unsure of Bali in all of its parts.

For these 3 days 2 nights Bali Camp in the Penglipuran Village, you will stay in a homestay with the traditional Balinese nuance. This homestay is located in the middle of the settlements and located near many kinds of comfortable facilities around. For your information, the Penglipuran Village is also one of the cleanest villages in Bali with its neat building structure. You will love to spend a long time in this beautiful village. Because of its beauty, Penglipuran Village also always becomes a set location for many TV Series and films in Indonesia


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Bronwyn Vigilante
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ann metcalfe
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