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Ayung River is a river in Bali that is usually used for the rafting activity. This beautiful river is located in Ubud, an area that is blessed with the wonderful nature and also the fresh air. In fact, Ayung River is also the longest river in Bali, but not all of its river parts are used for the rafting activity. In more detail, the Ayung River is for about 62 km long and it passes through two different regencies in Bali, Bangli and Badung.

For the beginner rafter, the Ayung River Rafting or doing the rafting activity in the Ayung River is the best option. Why? It is because the river flow in that river is not too heavy and the obstacles are not too hard too. In addition, for the local people there or especially for the Badung and Denpasar People, the Ayung River becomes the clean water source for two Water Companies there. In addition, the Ayung Rafting is also known as a kind of rafting activity that is offered at an affordable price. There are so many providers that you can choose and you can compare them to get the best one.

Here is the further information about the Rafting that we will share.

Ayung River Rafting for the Recreational Purpose

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The Ayung River is included to the level I – III for its level of difficulties. That river is only 1-2 meters in depth and it is based on the water debit volume of that river for every season. Since the year of 1970, the Rafting has been becoming the sport for the recreational purpose. That is why there are a lot of providers that are so attracted with this river because it has a low risk and it is great for the security factor that is usually considered by most of the participants of this rafting activities. This reason makes the beginner rafters or tourists who come with their families choose this beautiful river than the other river, such as the Telaga Waja River.

The professional river is used to choose a river with a higher difficulty level with the more challenging track for rafting. Usually, this kind of river is included in the level of IV-V where to have a rafting in that river you will need the solid teamwork too. That is why we are not recommending the level IV-V River if you are a beginner crafter. However, you may not be worried because usually you will be accompanied by the professional guide during the rafting activity.

Ayung River Rafting and what You can See during the Trip

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This Rafting will need for about 1-2 hours duration from the starting point up to the finish point. However, you will not get bored during that trip because you will be amazed by the stunning nature that is located around the Ayung River. For the example, you can see many rice paddies overlay there and also the lush green trees in the right and left side of the river. In fact, this river has uniqueness where you can see a kilometer stone wall that is crafted and it represents the Ramayana Story.

In addition, you will also meet some small waterfalls during this Rafting Journey where you can stop for a while and maybe take some pictures there. You will also pass some obstacles that will you are able to get the adventurous feeling of this moment. Usually, in a boat that is filled by 5-6 adults, you will be accompanied by a guide who will help for controlling the rubber boat and ensure that you will pass the right track. The guide itself will give a lot of information that you need to know about rafting and also about the Ayung River. It will be so much fun!

The Affordable Ayung River Rafting with the International Standard

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We can proudly say that the Ayung Rafting is usually offered at an affordable price. In a package of the rafting activity, you can get so many services such as the lunch, coffee or tea break, towel, guide and many more again. You can ask about it to the provider that you choose for doing this river rafting. If you want to get the cheaper price, you can come together with a big group or you can come at several certain moments where usually some providers will give the special discount.

Although the Ayung River Rafting is offered at an affordable price, you may not be worried about the safety factor of this activity. All the equipment is based on the international standard with the continuous maintenance. In addition, you will be also equipped with some safety equipment such as the helmet, lifeguard jackets and accompanied by the professional guide as well. So, it is 100% secure and safe to do with all of your friends or families and even the 7 years old kid can join this river rafting.

Well, are you ready to start your own Ayung River Rafting experience? Just come to Bali and to this Ayung River to create your memorable vacation.


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