ATV Ubud Bali Taro Adventure is Fun Activities

The Bali Taro Adventure is one of the most popular tours in Bali that is located in the beautiful Ubud area. In this ATV Ubud, you will ride the ATV or the All Terrain Vehicle which this vehicle is like a motorcycle, but it has four wheels. It can be such a fun and adventurous adventure that you can do in Bali because you will pass some terrains in the natural and peaceful countryside area.

The ATV Bali Ubud or it is also known as the Bali Taro ATV is done in the Taro Village that is located in Ubud where Ubud is known as one of the most beautiful areas in Bali. It has the wonderful nature with the rice-fields overlay, green nature and also the fresh air. For your information, this adventure tour is 100% secure although you are a beginner. Why? It is because you will get the instructions from the guide before starting this tour and accompanied by that professional guide too. You will be accompanied to pass the right track that will give a lot of fun and excitement during this Ubud ATV tour.

Below is the further information about the Bali Taro Adventure.

A Wonderful ATV Bali Ubud to Pass Through the Rural Area

ATV Ubud Bali Taro Adventure is Idea for Fun Activities - Gallery 2811182The Taro Adventure by riding the ATV is done in the Taro Village where this village has a really natural green nature that will make you able to get the fun and peaceful moment at the same time. The Taro Village itself is located for about 30 minutes from Ubud city center. You will get more than the off-road experience by passing the muddy land because you can also cross the small river as a part of the whole obstacle in this Ubud ATV.

When it is started, you will pass through a small track of the rural area where you can see so many green plants in your left and ride side. After that, you will enter an area where you will cross a small river where it almost has the same size with the ATV that you use. It is not ended there because there are also some other obstacles that you can get in this ATV Bali Ubud such as passing the cliff, tunnel and many more again.

You may get wet during this ATV Bali Ubud Tour. That is why we recommend you to bring clean dry clothes too for changing your wet clothes after this ATV Ubud trip.

Single or Tandem Option to Start the Great ATV Bali Ubud Journey

ATV Ubud Bali Taro Adventure is Idea for Fun Activities - Gallery 2811181The Bali Taro Adventure is the right option for you who want to get a vacation in Bali, especially in a location that is not located far from the well-known tourist destination, Ubud. We knew that Ubud is so famous because of its magical nature view, arts, and cultures. The adventure touches from this ATV Ubud makes this area has the complete options that can be tried.

One of the areas that have been developing the adventurous trip for the Bali’s tourists is the Taro Adventure where you can get many kinds of interesting adventure journeys. One of them is the ATV Ride. The vehicle that you will use is an ATV or a vehicle that is looked like a tractor, but it has four wheels. You can try the single ride or you can ride the ATV by yourself. However, if you are not confident enough, you can try the tandem option where a unit of ATV can be used by two people.

Whatever kinds of the package (single or tandem) that you choose for this Fun Activity, all those things will bring the new experience for you and make you are able to release your stressful feelings.

ATV Bali Ubud is also 100% secure

Bali Taro ATV Ride Adventure Tours - Gallery 05100217Yes, we can say that this ATV journey is 100% secure. Why? It is because you will be briefed by a professional guide before starting the trip. The guide will tell you about how to operate the ATV, how to maintain it in several track conditions and many more again. Furthermore, that professional guide will also accompany your during the ATV Adventure to ensure that you pass the right track and gives a lot of information about this journey.

In addition, all the ATV that is used on this tour always gets the continuous maintain so that it is always in its best condition. When you join this activity, you will be equipped with some safety equipment as well such as the safety helmet and the boots. The boats will protect yourself from the mud, stones or maybe the plant thorns that you may meet during this ATV Bali Ubud adventure. This adventure itself will be done for about an hour up to two hours long. You will not get bored during this ATV Ubud Bali Taro Adventure because you will be accompanied by the friendly and professional guide, see so many different things and try to beat all the obstacles that you will meet.

It is so fun!


Bronwyn Vigilante
Bronwyn Vigilante
22:19 25 Jun 19
Volcano sunrise trekking was amazing, an unforgettable experience. It was much harder than we anticipated but worth pushing ourselves for the memory, thank youread more
Ketut Ani
Ketut Ani
09:18 14 Sep 18
Best Provider Adventure Tour or Activity in Bali. Best Price & Friendly staff.
ann metcalfe
ann metcalfe
07:01 02 Sep 18
Great place to go lots to do. Something different . Will visit again x
Ron Payne
Ron Payne
03:16 01 Sep 18
Highly recommend a visit, great value for money and an unforgettable experience. Staff exceptionally friendly and helpful. Everything was more
Charlene Ainsworth
Charlene Ainsworth
11:31 31 Aug 18
Me and my son did the ATV Quade bikes and absolutely loved it! Staff were amazing to deal with and would highly recommend for anyone to have their activities organised via Bali adventure camp. We will definitely be booking with them again for our other more

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